Graduate students

ANU CEMS Higher Degree Research Students

Philip Argenio

Candidature: 2021-2024 (Joint program with the University of Adelaide)

Thesis title: Adam Smith and the Virtues of Self-Interest, 1705-1792.

Lucy Boon

Candidature: 2021-2025

Thesis title: Queer-daptation: A practice as research study of John Lyly’s Galatea and William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure.

Matilda Hatcher

Candidature: 2023-2026

Thesis title: Madness, Melancholia, Nostalgia: British Naval Masculinity and Emotion in the French Revolutionary Wars and their Aftermath.

Emma Rayner

Candidature: 2021-2024

Thesis title: Early Modern Women and Discourses of Civility.

Julia Rodwell

Candidature: 2021-2024

Thesis title: Digital Design for Cultural Collections: Digital Humanities, Art Curatorship, and Museology in the Emmerson Collection Online Exhibition Project.

Barbara Taylor

Candidature: 2021-2024

Thesis title: ”If this be magic, let it be an art”: the Performance and Materiality of Magic in Shakespearean Romance.

Hannah Upton

Candidature: 2021-2024

Thesis title: The politics of marginalia and the early modern female reader.

University of Oxford CEMS DPhil Students

University of Oxford CEMS DPhil Students

Nora Baker

Clare Burgess

Natalie Kobo

Chloe Fairbanks

Sophie Forst

Dan Haywood

Samuel Head

Alexander Laar

Ang Li

Oliver Markeson

Tom Roberts

Holly Rowe

Hanna Sinclair

Caroline Taylor

Samuel Teague

Leah Veronese

Rebekah Wallace

Ben Wilkinson-Turnball