Graduate students

ANU CEMS Higher Degree Research Students

Philip Argenio

Candidature: 2021-2024 (Joint program with the University of Adelaide)

Thesis title: Adam Smith and the Virtues of Self-Interest, 1705-1792.

Lucy Boon

Candidature: 2021-2025

Thesis title: Queer-daptation: A practice as research study of John Lyly’s Galatea and William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure.

Matilda Hatcher

Candidature: 2023-2026

Thesis title: Madness, Melancholia, Nostalgia: British Naval Masculinity and Emotion in the French Revolutionary Wars and their Aftermath.

Emma Rayner

Candidature: 2021-2024

Thesis title: Early Modern Women and Discourses of Civility.

Julia Rodwell

Candidature: 2021-2024

Thesis title: Digital Design for Cultural Collections: Digital Humanities, Art Curatorship, and Museology in the Emmerson Collection Online Exhibition Project.

Barbara Taylor

Candidature: 2021-2024

Thesis title: ”If this be magic, let it be an art”: the Performance and Materiality of Magic in Shakespearean Romance.

Hannah Upton

Candidature: 2021-2024

Thesis title: The politics of marginalia and the early modern female reader.

University of Oxford CEMS DPhil Students

University of Oxford CEMS DPhil Students